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Service Bioinformatique

Jérôme Gouzy, Sébastien Carrere, Erika Sallet, Ludovic Cottret, Ludovic Legrand et al.

The Download area

C software for converting short paired-end reads into long reads
C software for filtering FALCON overlaps
Remora: contruction de workflow d'analyses basés sur les web services BioMoby
BioMOBY::Perl Web-services development framework
Paraloop: l'interface d'accès aux ressources de calculs
The Lipm Utilities Library
multiple alignment software
display proteins family, a companion software for multalin
Build Lucene indeces and web forms for XML and/or TEXT documents
Collection LIpm de Souches Micobiennes (a database to manage your microbian strains)
Install the Narcisse Genome Browser at home
Complete genome alignment tool
Functional Analyses porTAL easy deployment tool
Easily draw venn diagrams (using JVenn)
Java tool for metabolic flux and regulatory network analysis